VE3 Emergency Egress Essentials Pouch

VE3 Emergency Egress Essentials Pouch

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The VE3 (Vehicle Emergency Egress Essentials) kit is designed to be used on the seatbelt of your vehicle. It will sit out of the way while giving you access to life saving equipment in the event of a rollover or immobilizing event. Allowing the user to access medical equipment without reaching overhead in the event of shoulder or other upper body injuries.

VE3s also performs well for duty belt applications, the cover tab is cut with medical shears in mind should the user decide not to use the strap cutter.


Gen 7 CAT from North American Rescue

Ontario Knife strap cutter

ARS decompression needle (LE/Mil)


Chem light

As with all medical equipment, training is essential.

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