Ready Room Zip Up

Ready Room Zip Up


Back again with that low vis gear.  It's not all multicam and plate carriers.  Sometimes you need to get settled in for that long night waiting on the green light while you watch "Anchorman" for the ten thousandth time or sneak in a workout in your favorite corner of the gym because you took a scoop of pre and got scrubbed.  

Or maybe you're just like us and you're normal so you like wearing good, quality zip ups.

As usual, we searched high and low for the right pattern and materials, then we tested them until we found the right one.   The ready room zip up is sturdy but not bulky, comfortable but not trashy.  Grab one and it'll be your go-to for just about any occasion.


Sizing note: zip ups run about a half size small, but after being worn a couple times they end up fitting pretty true to conventional sizes.  So order one up if you want it loose, or normal size if you want a form fit. 

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