NOVA Shorts

NOVA Shorts

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Finally, gym shorts that do more than just the gym.

If you’re tired of holding up your gym shorts in the Starbucks line because they cant support all that EDC we feel you.

We took a proven design, added some material tweaks, and added (GASP) belt loops. Elegant solutions to common problems are always preferable.

Use with our belt or another brand, because we know everyone has their preference.

Key Features:

-4 Way Stretch, Quick-dry material durable enough to take a beating in and out of the gym.

-Board short hook and loop closure backed by an internal drawstring.

-MYHM cross and pattern.

-6 symmetrically placed belt loops designed around common concealed carry positions.

Best worn:

To and from the taco truck

Anywhere near a Crossfit box

Under that “grill sergeant” apron your wife got that you didn’t have the heart to throw out

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Base Color:
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