IWB Glock 19/17/26 Holster

IWB Glock 19/17/26 Holster


The difference between good and excellent is simultaneously minute and vast.  When we linked up with KMFJ and tried out their holsters we immediately knew that they had something special.  They had that difference.  Since then, we teamed up with them to produce an inside the waistband holster that raises the standard of quality for carry.  

This holster is designed to eclipse a G17 slide or, if you've been around a minute, a G19 with a Mayhem Carry Compensator.

Key Features:

-RMR/slide mounted RDS Ready

-Mayhem Carry Comp Ready

-Adjustable retention

-Adjustable belt angle cant

-Comp-tac DuPont nylon belt clip eliminates unwanted cant or twist

-Aircraft grade Kydex brand thermoplastic with embossed logos


Half-assing things is not OK, so we work with the best to bring the best to market.

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